Ebook Coupon Code – 20% Off in September

Now's the time to save, big time on thousands of titles from eBooks.com

Ebook coupon code
Grab an e-bargain before the month slips away from us.

Every month eBooks.com secretly issues an ebook coupon code to its loyal members. In effect, this reduces the prices of thousands of titles on eBooks.com by 20% or more. You can scoop up a bargain in these five categories by inserting our secret coupon code at checkout.

Use the coupon code Categorysalecp at the payment details page to claim your discount on ebooks in any* of these categories:

*A few publishers don’t allow discounting.

If you sign up for an email alert, you’ll receive a tip-off at the start of each month telling you — and just about no-one else — about the new discounted categories. Keep it under your hat.


    • Hi Melané,

      Sorry but I only just saw your message. If you sign up for one of our new title alerts, you’ll receive an email message every month that includes our discount coupon. Here’s the link to sign up: New title email alerts

      I hope this helps. Just let me know if you need anything else.

      Best wishes,


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