Artisanal ebook

Artisanal ebook studio breaks the mould

Stephen Cole, artisanal ebook vendor, is bent over a cluttered bench, deep in thought. He is putting the finishing touches to the fourth ebook...
about us

About Us

Launched in 2000, is a popular ebook retailer with a reputation for innovation, integrity and independence. We sell ebooks direct to consumers around...
Does Inequality Matter

Does Inequality Matter?

Does inequality matter? If, as the late Hans Rosling has brilliantly shown, humanity's lot is steadily improving, why should we care if there's a...
David Bowie Forever Stardust

David Bowie: Forever Stardust

Most of the many books about David Bowie track his artistic 'changes' chronologically throughout his career. This book, uniquely, examines Bowie's 'sameness': his recurring...
Global ebook sales

Major vendors’ share of global ebook sales

If you're curious about the current shape of global ebook sales, this is for you. The Data Guy's just published some interesting stats,...
Ebook coupon code

ebook coupon code for March – 20% off

Every month secretly issues an ebook coupon code to its loyal members. In effect, this reduces the prices of thousands of titles on
The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty

The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty

NYU Press has just released a scathing analysis of the moral and legal questions surrounding the Global Financial Crisis -- Christine Lagarde's lost decade. An...'s online ebook reader app lets you read your ebook on any computer, anywhere. No downloading, no software installation. Just start reading.

Test drive’s desktop reader app

If you read ebooks on a computer, then's online ebook reader app is for you. It lets you read ebooks in a browser,...
litinerary of homer's greece

The ultimate “Lit-inerary” of Homer’s Greece

Jason Kottke just highlighted this brilliant map that traces the home towns of everyone mentioned in Homer's Iliad; effectively a Litinerary of Homer's Greece. So here's...

“Digital Comps” service for book publishers just issued its millionth* freebie

Digital Comps is the name of a very simple service that lets book publishers send out, and track, secure free copies of their ebooks...