Can I use a Kindle to read ebooks bought from

No, not really

Our ebooks can be read on thousands of different brands and models of phones, tablets and computers but, if you want to read on a Kindle device, you will need to buy ebooks from Amazon. The Kindle e-reader is a closed, proprietary system. In general, Amazon does not allow people to read ebooks bought from other vendors on a Kindle device. There are two exceptions: 

  1. If you own a particular Kindle model, called Kindle Fire, then you can read our ebooks on that device. But most Kindle models are not suitable to read anything but ebooks bought from Amazon’s Kindle Store.
  2. Some ebooks are supplied without encryption (known as DRM); some publishers allow their ebooks to be sold as simple PDFs or EPUB files. In those cases, yes, users can read those ebooks on any Kindle model. However the vast majority of ebook titles are only available with DRM and therefore are unsuitable for Kindle devices. Here’s some information about DRM.

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