Ebook Freebies for publishers

Send any number of ebooks to authors, members, colleagues, attendees, booksellers... at no cost to you.

Ebook freebies for publishers
eBooks.com has a growing suite of publisher services that help publishers promote and sell their books

Publishers can send DRM protected ebook samples to authors, colleagues, booksellers, etc.

Freebies is a simple interface that lets you send a free ebook to its author. Or you can send a batch of freebies to people on your mailing list.

Use this for…

Use this tool when you’re distributing freebies for promotional or charitable purposes.

But if you want to sell a batch of ebooks or bundle them, use the Class Sets service instead. For inspection copies or review comps, use Digital Comps service, which includes a bunch of feedback and follow-up features.

How it works

Log in to eBooks.com’s Publisher Hub and, under Marketing Tools, select Send freebies.

  1. Select the title(s),
  2. select the quantitiy, and
  3. click Submit

The system will do the rest.

How is this different from our other services, like Digital Comps and Class Sets?

  • Freebies: It’s not a white label service; in effect, you’re sending the recipient of a freebie to eBooks.com for fulfilment. Use this Freebies tool if you want to give ebooks to recipients.
  • Class Sets & Bulk Sales is the tool you use to sell batches of ebooks to an institution, instructor or company. It’s not a white label service; recipients are sent to eBooks.com for fulfilment. We’ll bill you a small fee per item.
  • Digital Comps is an enterprise level service that helps you to drive adoption of course texts, or encourage reviews of your books. Its strongest feature is in tracking and follow-up. You can send complimentary e-copies to instructors or reviewers and track their usage. The system automatically nudges recipients to adopt or review your title. It’s a white label service, meaning that the whole user interface carries your company’s branding, colours and messaging. The Digital Comps system includes full activity reporting, so you can see the response from instructors and reviewers.

Next step

If your company already does business with eBooks.com, that means we already have  your files and metadata, so the technical work is all done. You’re ready to roll.

Just contact us and we’ll send you login credentials so you can get started with a free trial.

6th February 2020
9th October 2023

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