eBooks.com launches featured author pages

Charles Dickens praises initiative as a great leap forward

Detail from a George Cruikshank illustration for Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
You've got to pick a pocket or two

eBooks.com has just launched Featured Author Pages, a new initiative that gives ebook authors a home page on which their titles are featured.

UK-based author CJH Dickens said, “I am delighted that eBooks.com has seen fit to gather all of my remarkable works, many of which enjoy over fifty simultaneous editions, some of which editions are competently edited and laid out, in one place on the interspace, where readers, lovers of fine literature — some Americans among them — and the bone ignorant might peruse and browse and quite possibly purchase one, two or even more for their pleasure and edification or even as gifts for friends, family and enemies.”

What a gasbag. Nevertheless, Dickens’ point is a fine one. We’re gradually building a gallery of lovely landing pages to feature the works of our authors.

Here’s Charles Dickens’ page. And some others, to give you the idea:

The idea for this came from a romance author who wanted to send her fans to a landing page on eBooks.com which listed her titles. We’ve now expanded the concept making it suitable for scholarly, professional and educational authors.

We’re hand-crafting author pages on a random, ad hoc, basis. If you’d like bespoke author pages for some or all of your authors, just let us know.

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