eBooks.com’s Digital Comps tool now has automatic approvals

For book publishers, managing comp requests just got easier

Digital Comps' new calibration option makes it easier to set and forget.

Are you spending too much time manually vetting requests for complimentary copies? We’ve just added a nifty feature to the Digital Comps platform that makes that task simpler.

Digital Comps is a tool that book publishers use to manage requests for complimentary copies of their books. Typically such requests come from instructors and book reviewers. Handling and responding to comp requests can be time-consuming, and the DCs platform makes that task simple and fast. DCs already lets you tag specific, known users as “verified”. This means that, the next time the user requests a comp, they will get instant access without your having to consider and manually approve their request.

Now we’ve extended the options for automatic approvals. If you choose to, you can allow users from from a known academic institution to have instant, unmediated access to the requested ebook.

You can manage who gets instant access to your digital comps and who waits for approval

It’s a new option in your settings. Why not try it out? If you have any questions, please feel free to ping us and we’ll get right back to you.

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