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You can find gazillions of ebooks at [Jean-Honoré Fragonard, "la lectrice", 1770–1772.]

What we do offers a vast number of ebooks in every conceivable subject category. Just choose your ebook(s) and we’ll take you through the simple steps to start reading.

There are just three steps:

  1. Buy an ebook,
  2. Install a free ebook reader app, then
  3. Start reading on almost any device
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Read on a phone or tablet

  1. Buy an ebook
  2. Install our free Ebook Reader app
  3. Download the ebook to your device

Read on a PC or Mac

Either just read the book online, in your browser, right there, without downloading any software. (Most people do this.)

Or install the free Adobe Digital Editions app, which lets you download the whole ebook to your computer and you can then read the ebook anywhere, even when there’s no internet connection.

What makes different?

We’re independent

We’re the only truly independent e-bookstore with a global audience. We’ve been selling ebooks, and nothing else, since September 2000. We’re not Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Google or Apple. And we don’t belong to a gigantic mega-corporation.
In fact, we don’t belong to anyone. is a family-run business — a small group of book lovers and passionate developers. We’re doing this because we love books and are delighted, daily, to be at the forefront of the development of books and reading.

We’re local and global

We have customers in every country in the world, which might also set us apart. Next time you’re in Tasmania or Tierra del Fuego, you can still top up your holiday reads at

Intelligent, occasional reading suggestions

Members love our hand-picked reading recommendations.
We receive thousands of new titles every month, and our editorial team wades through that stream to select the best of the bunch for you. 160,000 readers from all over the world receive occasional email updates from us about the best new titles in their (quite specific) areas of interest.

There’s only one way to be an recommended author: merit.

The recommendations are based 100% on merit and are not tainted by inducements or other pressure from publishers. There’s no way to be an recommended author except merit.
Our suggested reading program is even popular with people who don’t actually shop at Check it out.

The rules

Rather like buying a song, when you buy an ebook from it’s for your own personal use. Specifically, you can’t send it on to someone else or share it on a network.
Some publishers put limits on how much (if anything) you can print or copy from an ebook. These limits are shown on the product page for each ebook on
Here are our complete terms of use.








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