Managing and sending ebook vouchers

About sending ebooks to friends, colleagues, customers or your students

Sending ebooks to friends, students, customers, colleagues ... it's easy with

It’s easy to send ebooks to friends. Just find the ebook you want to send and then select Buy multiple copies (for a batch) or Give this ebook to a friend (to send a single copy).

Your friend(s) will receive a voucher code in the form of a hyperlink. When they click on that link, they’ll receive a copy of the ebook.

Do these vouchers expire?

Recipients will be able to submit their vouchers anytime up to 2 years from issue date. Once a user has redeemed their voucher, they own that ebook for life. The book itself doesn’t expire.

What’s the different between a voucher and a gift certificate?

A voucher is for a specific title. So, if you want to send someone a textbook or a title you’re recommending, you’ll send them a voucher.

A gift certificate is for a set amount of money. The recipient can use it to buy any of our ebooks, up to the value of of the certificate

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