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Here are the main complaints we’re hearing

My book hasn’t arrived

We only sell ebooks (books you can download and read on a computer or tablet).  We don’t sell printed (normal) books. If you were expecting a normal, printed book, please let us know and we’ll refund your purchase price. If you were expecting an ebook, you can access it here:

Stop billing my credit card

We don’t offer a subscription service. If you are being billed monthly for ebooks, it will be another company that billed you, not
There are a lot of companies with the word “ebook” in their names. Check your credit card account (or PayPal if you paid that way) for the name of the merchant. If the merchant’s name isn’t exactly, and only, “EBOOKS.COM“, then you’ll need to contact the company that billed you. It’s not us.

Why do I have to install software to read an ebook?

Most publishers require that we sell their ebooks in encrypted form, and consequently you do need to install a reader app in order to unlock them. Here’s some information about the software you need, depending on your reading device. There’s a small number of publishers who sell non-DRM ebooks (not encrypted), but overwhelmingly we’re required to encrypt. If you want to avoid DRM, you can use one of these pages to browse DRM-free ebooks on