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In October 2000, Pearson Education commissioned to provide ebook marketing and fulfillment services. Since then, publishers around the world have relied on for ebook solutions that meet their changing needs. In that time we’ve developed an impressive set of tools designed to make publishers’ lives simpler and their businesses more profitable.

You know that we know what we’re doing with ebooks. Our technology stack is mature, stable and secure. It hosts millions of items from thousands of book publishers. We’re ingesting 30,000 new titles every month and delivering them securely to readers in every country in the world, plus the International Space Station.

We’re not a pizza-fuelled startup who wants to do scary things with your content

We understand what’s desirable, what’s possible, and what you want to achieve.

Here’s a list of the publisher services we currently provide. All of these services evolved directly from publishers’ requests for help.

Solutions for selling ebooks direct

Sell your ebooks direct to libraries or companies: Ebook Collections

  • Enables you to assemble bespoke collections of related titles, that you can sell to libraries or companies. Absolutely no software development or “integration” required from your side.
  • White label.
  • Also good for: Secure textbook sales into academic libraries.
  • Key point: you can very quickly respond to random inquiries from organizations, where your own platform might not do exactly what’s needed.

Sell batches of ebooks: Class Sets & Bulk Sales

  • Lets you create a batch of unique access links (“vouchers”), that you can sell to an instructor or organisation. Your customer then distributes the links to their audience (students, employees, customers…)
  • Absolutely no software development or “integration” required from your side.
  • Also good for: Selling a batch of ebooks to a business or conference organiser.
  • Key point: Really simple and fast.

Two ways to sell ebooks from your website direct to individuals

Ebook Engine

  • An fulfilment service that enables any publisher to supply ebooks direct from their own website.
  • Really simple integration.
  • Also good for: bundling ebook with print book sales.

Premium Affiliate Program

  • The simplest solution
  • No need to handle e-commerce or customer support.
  • A “Buy” link on each of your product pages refers visitors to
  • We manage everything and pay you a) for book sale plus b) a commission.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Manage inspection copies and ARCs: Digital Comps

  • Manages requests from instructors and reviewers for complimentary copies. Highly automated. Includes neat follow-up features.
  • White label.
  • Also good for: Sending, and tracking, promotional ebooks.
  • Key point: A very sophisticated platform that enables you to track the behaviour of people to whom you send inspection copies. Includes full reporting and automated nudging emails which gently drive a course instructor to adopt your title.

Send free ebooks: Freebies

  • Send an unlimited number of DRM protected ebook samples to authors, reviewers, colleagues…
  • Use this tool when you’re distributing freebies to your staff, or for promotional or charitable purposes.
  • Absolutely no software development or integration required from your side.
  • Also good for: Promotional give-aways.
  • This is a free service to you.

How can I start?

If your company already does business with, that means we already have your files and metadata, so the technical work is all done. You’re ready to roll.

Just contact us and we’ll get you started.

Some of the publishers currently using our Ebook Services:

You’re in good company when you engage with for ebook fulfilment

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