Publishers can now issue discount coupons

A simple way to sell direct, without the hassle of fulfilment

You can promote your ebooks with custom discount coupons that recipients can redeem at discount coupons might be a useful item in your promotional toolkit.

If you’d like to enable a user or organisation to buy one or more of your titles at a discount, you can now login to the publisher hub and create a special discount coupon code, just for them.

Just type in the ISBN, the upper limit on the number of copies, and the discount you’d like to offer (say, 30%) and we’ll provide you with a special purpose coupon code to pass on to your customer. In turn, they might forward that coupon code to their users (students, staff, customers…), who can then claim the discount at checkout.


You can also create, say, 500 unique voucher codes, which can be redeemed by end users at no charge to them. (We’ll bill you.)

There are lots of permutations to this service. We recently sent out a million unique voucher codes to consumers in the UK, promoting the titles of a trade publisher. One of our scholarly publishers gets a discount coupon from us so that the author of a textbook can enable her students to buy their class texts at a discount.

If you have a promotional idea that involves sending out bulk ebooks, or discounts for special people, we can easily meet your needs.

Just contact and we’ll be very glad to help.

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