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A simple API that enables publishers to sell secure ebooks from their own websites

It's really simple to sell secure ebooks from your own website
It's really simple to sell secure ebooks from your own website

In addition to selling millions of ebooks to millions of readers around the globe, since 2000 eBooks.com has provided fulfilment services to book publishers. Ebook Engine is a simple tool that’s popular with publishers who have other priorities than building and maintaining a complete, secure, DRM-enabled ebook delivery system.

Ebook Engine

  • An easy fulfillment service that enables any publisher to supply ebooks direct from their own website
  • Really simple integration
  • Also good for: bundling ebook with print book sales

How it works

It’s a fast, simple process. We will work with your development team to set up a connection between your website and our servers, and to establish the necessary protocols that allow your customers to access their ebooks, once bought.

When a visitor buys an ebook from you, your site will display a download link. When they hit that link, the encrypted ebook will be delivered to the user’s device from eBooks.com’s servers.

How to get started

If you’d like to do this, or would like more info, just ping us and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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