eBooks.com’s Premium Affiliate Program

How to sell a vast range of ebooks (or just a few) from your website with zero effort.

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Our Premium Affiliate Program is an easy way to offer ebooks from your website without the stress of setting up and maintaining your own ebook fulfilment platform. You can be selling ebooks in a few days, without having to implement file storage, DRM encryption, e-commerce, fraud-busting or end user support. We handle all that for you.

  • The simplest solution.
  • No need to handle e-commerce or customer support.
  • A “Buy” link on each of your product pages refers visitors to the product page on eBooks.com.
  • We manage everything.

How it works

We’ll give you your unique affiliate ID, along with instructions for linking to eBooks.com. Your affiliate ID will look something like this: 80167254. Then it’s a matter of adding links to your web pages that send visitors to eBooks.com. Those links will include your affiliate ID, which enables us to recognize that a specific visitor was sent to us from your site.

Referral Fees

You will earn a commission (Referral Fee) for all Qualifying Revenues as follows:

On sales up to US $100,000 in each calendar year: 10 per cent (10%).

On sales in excess of the first US $100,000 in each calendar year: 15 per cent (15%).


Fees are paid quarterly, provided that total fees accrued exceed $300. In any event, accounts are fully paid out every year in September, regardless of balance.

Next Steps

All you have to do is:

  1. Contact us
  2. Sign and return the agreement
  3. Receive your affiliate ID from us
  4. Add links to your site


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