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A simple way for publishers to fulfil special sales opportunities

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You can craft an exciting promotional campaign in minutes with this nifty tool

Key points

Ebook Campaigns” is a new tool from that enables publishers to offer a selection of ebooks to a targeted group of readers.

The ebooks are free in the hands of end users. But the publisher might charge the user’s organisation for the campaign.

You (the publisher) set the rules: allow users to claim every ebook in the offer, or just one, or a few titles.

For a commercial campaign, you charge your customer whatever you’ve agreed with them. We’ll charge you a small fee per redemption. If it’s a purely promotional campaign (where you’re not billing someone) then we charge you nothing.

What this is good for

  • An organisation wants to offer its people a range of your titles.
    You can create a campaign where users get all the ebooks in the offer, or they can select a few titles that appeal to them.
  • You (the publisher) want to make an offer to your own people, or maybe to your newsletter subscribers — any targeted group really.

How it works

  1. Login to your account at our Publisher Hub.
  2. From the tools available to you, select “Create an Ebook Campaign“.
  3. Set the rules for this campaign.
    (For example, ten titles on offer; each user can choose two.) Set the start and end dates.
  4. Define the target audience.
  5. The target audience is sent a link to a customised landing page.
  6. Each recipient chooses an ebook (or ebooks) from the offer you created.
  7. Those ebooks are added to the recipient’s bookshelf, ready to start reading.

It’s a very simple system. You can’t break anything. Jump in and try it out.


A property development firm wants to engage their staff around the topic of cultural diversity. Select 10 suitable titles from your list. Recipients can choose, say, any three titles. You will bill the company for all redemptions. We’ll charge you a small fee per redemption.

Reward your newsletter subscribers with free ebooks. You can set up a campaign that enables subscribers to choose, say, 2 freebies from a list of 20 titles. We won’t charge you for this.

A conference organizer features books published by some of the speakers who are presenting. Attendees can choose 4 titles from the 15 listed on the conference program. You will bill the organizer for redemptions.

A mobile device maker wants to include an ebook offer at launch. Give them a choice of 50 mid-list titles, from which users can pick, say, 5. We’ll track the number of redemptions and you bill the customer.

Pricing: Tiny or free

Are you giving these ebooks away? If this is actually a free promo — if you, the publisher, won’t receive payment or compensation for this campaign — then it’s free to you.

Will you be paid for this?  If you will be paid by an organization or person(s) for this campaign, we’ll charge you a small fee per redemption.
You will bill your customer according to the terms you’ve negotiated with them.

User authentication

You control who gets these ebooks. You can limit access to:

  • A list of email addresses,
  • People within a corporate IP address range,
  • People whose email address has a specific web domain,
  • People coming from a specific web page.

For more info contact us. We’ll get right back to you.

Or just login to your Hub account and give it a try.

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