Benedict Noel: The brains behind our production platform

Benedict Noel
Team Ebooks' second longest serving member, Benedict Noel, just completed his 14th year.

There are few developers on the planet who get ebooks, in all their complexity, in the way Benedict Noel does.

Benedict joined us in the days when we only sold ebooks in PDF format and the Rocket Ebook and Nokia 7000 were The Future. We only transacted in US dollars and “kindle” was a verb.

In his years at the forefront of ebook innovation, Benedict was the power behind the design, implementation and management of our world-class production platform. Our production platform is the envy of other ebook vendors, ingesting over 20,000 new files each month.

The system receives streams of ebooks and metadata, optimises PDFs, corrects a myriad  metadata errors, converts files into our own DRM schema. It ensures that the thousands of daily price changes and other updates happen accurately and on time, and never misses a beat.

Benedict’s spectacular aptitude for automation is now being applied to’s new direct marketing platform, which sends highly targeted news and suggestions to our 3.9 million members — in a totally interesting and not-annoying way.

Team Ebooks: Benedict Noel

Role Marketing Director
Previous Production Director
First year 2003
Expertise jack-of-all-trades
Currently working on In-app notifications to allow our customers to receive timely updates about new ebook releases
Interests Reading, cycling, yoga, mycology, anything tech/entrepreneur related, gardening, beer
Status married, 1 kid
A good thing about working at Flexible hours and plenty of autonomy
Worst moment at Accidentally deleting all of Cambridge’s books (2005)
Best trip ever 4 month trip through Central America, Cuba and a cycle trip around Iceland.
When I grow up I’d like to… own a hobby farm
When I finish work today I’m going to… yoga, then get the kid ready for bed and watch Game of Thrones
The world would be so much better if everyone would just … convert a piece of their lawn to productive garden.


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