Beware of Dodgy Decryption App

Dodgy decryption software
Dodgy decryption software

A breathless article popped up on MENAFN today announcing the release of a nifty Windows app called Any Ebook Converter, which will strip DRM from any encrypted ebook and also convert the file to another ebook format of your choice.

Don’t install this app

To start with, it’s impossible to know who’s behind this thing.

Who are these people?

Potential company names are:
  • AECF Co., Ltd
  • Juntu Software Co. Ltd
  • eBookGo
  • anvsoft
These are potential names because:
It’s also interesting that they have two domains for the same software, with different support email addresses:

The app includes libraries whose documentation is only available in Chinese.

Basically it’s just Calibre anyway

The app simply consists of the well-known Calibre app, bundled with several programs that strip DRM. If you really need to go down that path,  just install Calibre and its friends and you’ll reduce the associated risk.

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