Digital Comps: nudging for adoptions

A new set of tools to encourage reviewers and instructors to adopt your books

Nudging for adoptions
A little nudge at the right moment can have a huge effect. Especially when it all just happens without your intervention

In March we’re launching a bunch of new “nudging” tools for the Digital Comps service. Digital Comps is the system publishers use to send e-review and e-inspection copies to instructors and reviewers. The platform already includes a lot of automation, but the new enhancements go much further. It only takes a few minutes for you to set this up. We’ve provided useful default email messages, which you might find to be just what you need. But you can also edit or replace those default messages to reflect your own style and voice.

Once you’re happy with the text of the messages, you then set frequency and standard intervals. And then click the big green START button and just leave the nudgerizer to work its magic.

How this works

After you’ve sent a comp copy of your book to a user, the DCs system tracks how they use the book. If, after x days, the recipient hasn’t opened the book, they will receive a friendly email from you asking how it’s going, encouraging them to start reading.

There are other triggers for these reminders. For example, if the recipient has engaged with the book but you haven’t heard from them, another message will ask them what they thought of it: Did you publish a review? Have you adopted this text? … and so on.

You’re able to set respectful intervals for nudges. So, for example, if you don’t get a reply from a reviewer, the system will follow up after a week or so, asking the same thing another way.

It’s really up to you, just how laid back or frenzied your nudges are.

But whatever tone or frequency you choose, this really is a system that you can set and forget.

You’ll see a flag on your Digital Comps interface when the nudges go live. The process is simple and you can set it up in a jiffy. But if you have any questions at all, just contact us and we’ll step you through it.

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