Ebook Reader app for Android and iOS

With over 15 million downloads, EBR is one of the world’s most popular book-reading apps

An elegant app for reading ebooks on your phone or tablet

eBooks.com’s Ebook Reader app makes reading easy. Anytime you want, anywhere you might be. Search, browse, preview and purchase ebooks to read on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Kindle Fire – all in a beautiful interface designed for the future of reading.

“Great for filling in time on the go. I always carry a book with me and now I have a library, pocket size.”
Simone Carter, September 15, 2019

Install this beautiful app here:

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Key features

  • Supports the latest ebook file format (Epub3)
  • User-created collections for sorting your books
  • Turn pages with a tap or swipe
  • Never lose your place in the book
  • Landscape or portrait orientation is lockable
  • Easy navigation inside the book
  • Search for text inside books
  • Night-reading mode is easy on the eyes
  • Adjust font size with a tap
  • Login with your existing eBooks.com account
  • Sync your eBooks.com online bookshelf with all your devices
  • Online synchronization for bookmarks, highlights, notes and current reading position with all your Android and iOS devices
  • 3rd-party (imported) book support
  • Free classics at your fingertips immediately
  • Buy bestsellers as well as technical, professional and academic books
  • Online backup — your online ebook library is always accessible. When you replace your PC or phone, your books are ready to download from your eBooks.com bookshelf

What format does the Ebook Reader support?
Ebook Reader supports ePub files (including ePub3), PDF files and our own proprietary DRM format.

What devices does Ebook Reader support?
iPad, iPhone, the myriad of Android devices and Kindle Fire.

How long does it take for an order to process?
Your ebook will be available in your library immediately after purchase.

If I purchase an ebook on eBooks.com – can I also read this book on my device?
Yes, any book you purchase on eBooks.com will also be available in your app, and vice versa.

I’ve got both an iPhone and an Android tablet. Will I be able to read my ebook on either device?
Of course, you can. Not only can you read your books on all of your devices, but you can also sync your annotations between devices.

The app comes pre-loaded with a bunch of free books

“Great, easy-to-use product. Cool feature is you can change the text color and page color for night reading. Along with a night reading mode.”
Brandon Done, August 15, 2019

You can read all our ebooks online (in your web browser) without having to install an app. But this app provides some important benefits that you don’t get when you’re streaming.

Principally, if you download the whole ebook to your device, you can read it when you’re not connected to the internet. These days there seem to be ever fewer places where that holds true. But still, it feels good to know the ebook is there in your hand rather than up there somewhere in the cloud.

Screen Shots

The first thing you see is the menu, giving you access to heaps of free ebooks and the ability to create different collections of ebooks. In addition to reading the ebooks you get from eBooks.com, you can import any epubs or PDFs into this nifty app.
There’s a host of options, to customise your experience. For example, you can lock the device’s screen in landscape or portrait mode. That way, when you lie on your side in bed, the page won’t annoyingly keep flipping sideways.
You can highlight text, set bookmarks, make notes inside the page, search the entire text of the ebook.
The bookshelf displays all the ebooks on your device, and also shows where you left off in the last book you read. You can also see ebooks that you’ve bought from eBooks.com but haven’t yet downloaded.
Easily customise your reading experience. You can choose the background (page) colour, typeface colour, font, font size …

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