How to direct your website visitors to for ebook sales and fulfilment

You can link your visitors direct to your product pages on

Hachette, Macmillan and Cambridge University Press are among hundreds of book publishers who refer their website visitors direct to their product pages on And you can do this too. It’s a simple trick that will take your developer a few minutes to set up. Here’s how…

On your website’s book product pages, add a button or link that says “Buy from” or similar, and add this hyperlink:

…where 12345 is your persistent identifier (we’ll give that number to you) and “term” is the particular ebook’s ISBN.

If you’d like to join the really cool publishers and support us in this way, just ping us and we’ll get right onto it!

Here’s how it might look:

An example of a publisher (Hachette) who displays an button alongside buttons for Apple Books, B&N and other ebook vendors.
It’s easy to add to your product pages.


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