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Typewriter markets your works into every country in the world, plus the International Space Station

It’s easy to sell your ebooks on

Self-published author or small publisher has direct relationships with hundreds of publishers, representing over a million authors. Additionally we partner with specialist aggregators and distributors who supply ebooks published by smaller publishers and self-published authors. We’re a small company and these relationships with specialist distributors enable us to offer the broadest range of titles, without creating a monstrous workload at our end.

If you’re a small publisher with less that 31 titles to distribute, or a self-published author, you just need to sign up with a platform like Ingram Spark, Lulu Press or iUniverse.


IngramSpark - Self Publishing Simplified



These companies have highly regarded platforms for ebook distribution, and provide help and advice. They distribute titles written by thousands of independent publishers and self-published authors via multiple sales channels, including

Once your book is published on one of these platforms, it will automatically be available to the customers of


If you:

  • are in the business of publishing books written by people other than yourself, and
  • have 30 or more titles to distribute now,

please contact us, and we’ll get right back to you.

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