Navigating MathLand

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Through the Maze, by Linda Kasal Fusco

Navigating MathLand

Navigating MathLand uses a unique lens to focus on how students prefer to learn mathematics. The intent of this book is to provide a guide for parents to help them navigate the thirteen years of their children’s math education (K-12). The book provides parents with the knowledge and skills they will need to proactively advocate for their children’s preparation for the 21st century workforce.

About Linda Fusco

Linda Fusco experienced a 47-year journey as an educator. She majored in mathematics; taught math and science, worked as administrator; and became a doctoral researcher studying how secondary math teachers transition into their practice; and currently consults.
“Navigating MathLand is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, principals, and instructional coaches. Fusco brings to light excellent points about the process of learning math and will have educators reflecting on how they teach math.”
— Vanessa Williams, elementary teacher, Arlington, Texas.

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