Two ways to buy and distribute bulk ebooks

You can distribute ebooks to your employees, customers, conference attendees, students ...

Conference hall
You can distribute a key ebook to conference attendees, staff or students with a few clicks

In recent months we’ve distributed hundreds of thousands of ebooks in batches to students, virtual conference attendees and corporates. And we’ve just upgraded the system to make it even simpler. There are two ways to do this.

1. Just buy them and send them now

  • Pay now with your card
  • It takes 5 minutes

Find the title you want on Click “Buy multiple copies” just under the cover image, and follow the steps.

Buy multiple copies of an ebook from by clicking “Buy multiple copies”.

You’ll receive a batch of hyperlinks. Email a unique link to each of your recipients.

That’s it.

2. We’ll set up a “Campaign” for you

  • Many more features
  • It takes a day or two to set up

Instead of buying a batch of links that you send to dozens (thousands?) of recipients, we can give you a single link, and you send that link to everyone. Here are the details…

A single link
We’ll send you a single link that you distribute to end users. Or you might post it on your website, or include it in a course outline or conference pack.

Here’s an example that you can test now:  (The link we give you will look much like that.)  Just enter your email address and you’ll get access to the system. From there you’ll see a choice of titles. For this test campaign you’re allowed to get three ebooks.  Go ahead and try it out.

Give them a choice
You can see that this test campaign is set up so that users choose any three of the nine titles displayed. But you will determine how this works.

It might be just one title. Or maybe you want recipients to have two or three titles. Or, as in the example, you can offer them a bunch of titles from which they can choose one or a few. You decide. (Thirty one per cent of campaigns we launch involve a single title. The remainder is made up of a variety of combinations.)

Customized pages
All the text that you see on this sample campaign page is editable. So you can create the headings, body text, etc.

The term
You’ll define the term of the campaign. For example, you might make it active for two weeks before a specific event and two weeks after. Or maybe you’d like it to run for a year.

User authentication 
It makes sense to apply some limits on who can access the ebooks. You can limit access to users who meet certain criteria:

  • Provide us with a list of authorised email addresses. (The most common method.)
  • Limit the offer to users whose email address includes a certain domain name.
  • Only people who come by clicking on a particular page on your website.

Maximum redemption limit
You have the option to limit the total number of redemptions. For example, you can make it so the campaign ends when redemptions hit 100 or 1,000, even if the campaign still has some time to run.  In this case your campaign might take the form of, “While stocks last.”

Interested? Contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

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