Do I need to install software in order to read an ebook?

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You need to install a free ebook reader app in order to read commercially published ebooks

Answer: Not always. If you want to read your ebook on a computer, it’s not necessary to install software. You can just read the ebook in your web browser.

But, in order to download the whole book, or read it on a phone or tablet, it is necessary to install a small, free app. This is true if you download an ebook from us or from any other major ebook retailer.

The software is free.

If you want to download an ebook, here’s the software you need to install first:

For iPhone, iPad or Android device (Ebook Reader app)

For PC or Mac (Adobe Digital Editions)

For Kindle Fire (Ebook Reader app)

But if you’d like to avoid installing software, you can read our ebooks on a PC or Mac using our online reader. This enables you to read ebooks in your web browser, without having to download the whole book, or install special software. To use the online reader, just click the “Start reading” button next to the book cover in your bookshelf.


The story is a little more complex. Some of our publishers distribute their ebooks without encryption. For those ebooks, you don’t need special software. You can just download a normal PDF or epub file. But those publishers are the exception.

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