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Where our publishers can access a suite of ebook marketing and promotional tools.

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In January 2001 Pearson Education contacted eBooks.com asking if we could create an e-textbook solution for them. In the decades that followed we received a steady stream of of requests from book publishers to provide services to them, based on our years of experience in managing ebook production, secure storage and distribution. Some of these requests became so common that they accidentally became fully fledged products in their own right.

We’ve now launched the Publisher Hub, which is a single interface that houses a number of our popular publisher services. And now, instead of having to contact us via email to launch a marketing campaign or create a bulk sale, you can login into your Hub account and do it yourself, in a matter of minutes.

Campaigns: Enables publishers to offer a selection of ebooks to a targeted group of readers. The ebooks are free in the hands of end users. But the publisher might charge the user’s organisation for the ebooks redeemed. You (the publisher) set the rules.

Class Sets: Use this to sell a batch of ebooks to an institution, instructor or company. You’ll bill the customer and we’ll bill you a small fee for each unit. Recipients are sent to eBooks.com for fulfilment.

Discount Coupons: Enables you to create a discount code. It’s a really simple way to give a discount coupon to your authors, members, loyal customers, staff…

Freebies: There’s no charge for the Freebies service. Use this Freebies tool if you want to give ebooks to recipients. If you’re not charging for the freebies we won’t charge you a penny.

These tools are easy to use. If you haven’t got your hub login, just contact us and we’ll get you set up. It costs nothing to play around with the system and try things out.

Are you missing out?

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